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Bale wrapping machine
We are a company offering solutions for working in agriculture. We supply machinery such as baling press, front loaders, rotators and other devices. Our product range includes a wide range of accessories. In addition to the bale presses offer laser cutting services. Take advantage of professional accessories for agricultural machinery.
Metal-Fach Sp. z o.o.

Kresowa 62, 16-100 Sokółka,
+48 85 711 98 44
Light boxes
Solid aluminium profiles (10-16 cm) combined with flexible vinyl or original dibond, allow to project professional, highly elegant image of your brand through outdoor advertising solutions. WARMAX is an expert when it comes to display LED light boxes. They manufacture this visual advertising solution in a variety of sizes and from different materials. - New build houses
Affordable, even cheap homes do not have to be of low quality. U-Value company from Galway proves that new build house at relatively low price can be and are energy efficient, quiet and safe. The construction experts are available to you also in other places in Ireland, including Dublin. Check the contractor's offer! : Baby accessories
For the youngest, the most fragile children and for older kids - the online shop has prepared a wide choice of quality baby accessories. Every parent will surely find something for themselves and their toddlers. Check the pushchairs, functional travel systems, Moses baskets, cradles and cribs, cots and other safe and beautiful products.
Create phone case
Turn your smartphone into a real piece of art - simply and at attractive price. Custom-made cover will let you show your personality or even mood every day. You can create your own phone case online by uploading an artwork or picture of your choice, using one of predefined template and adding the motto. - turbo rebuild
Turbocharger can be repaired - you do not have to invest your money in new, very expensive part to get turbo compressor in perfect condition. If you think of turbocharger repair, visit the website created by Reman-Tec Ltd - experienced, professional company offering services from the area of repairing turbos.
Reman-Tec Ltd

5 London Road, SW17 9JR London,
Greater London
+48 74 484 72 512 : whale watching
Are you looking for the best activities in Norway? Check the website of Lady Elsie Tromso and book your whale watching cruise today! They are available from November until January each year. The cruise takes about 3 hours during which you have an opportunity to watch orca, the great humpback and other species from up close.
Tromso Angling & Whale Watching Adventures

Sjøtunvegen 481, 9108 Kvaløya,
+48 +4 747 89 5864
High gloss tv cabinets
Modern, contemporary style becomes increasingly popular all over the UK. MEX is an online store, which offers a diversity of fashionable furniture, including great high gloss TV cabinets. The units are manufactured from solid materials and are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and stylistic versions.
Polish real estate market
To find the best area to invest or rent a warehouse which would fit your every need, you need to have extensive knowledge of Polish real estate market. Otherwise you should employ the knowledge of Cushman & Wakefield - experts in the area, which will help you find the best, tailored solutions. The details are on the website.
Cushman & Wakefield Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Pl. Piłsudskiego 1, 00-078 Warszawa,
woj. Mazowieckie
+48 22 820 20 20
Novol Sp. z o.o. - Surfaces
Amongst the variety of solutions included in the offer of Novol company, you can find as well surfaces for playground. They are characterized by the highest safety, minimizing the risk of injuries. What is more, they are resistant to bad weather conditions as well as mechanical damage. See more on the website.
NOVOL Sp. z o.o.

ul. Żabikowska 7/9, 62-052 Komorniki,
woj. wielkopolskie
+48 61 810 98 00
Paint spray - clear coat
There are numerous characteristics of Troton Sp. z o.o. automotive products, which make them increasingly popular amongst professionals. Visit the website to find out more about e.g. clear coat spray paint, which is used to create completely transparent, high gloss, yet very resistant layer on car finish.
Troton Sp. z o.o.

Ząbrowo 14A, 78-120 Gościno,
+48 94 351 26 22
Cot - bedding set
Our online store has prepared extremely developed offer, which consists of products safe and comfortable for our kids. At the same time they represent amazing and very diverse style for little boys and girls. Choose for instance Baby Accessories UK's cot & bedding sets, which are available in amazing diversity of styles.
Baby Accessories UK

Poznańska 82, 76-200 Słupsk,
+48 88 932 09 05
Index Medica UK - dental treatment abroad
There are several reasons for the growing popularity of dental treatment abroad. First of all, you get professional help of one of the best, experienced and qualified dentists, using modern equipment. At the same time the prices are kept at incredibly low level. See the details of the offer on Index Medica UK website.

Czapińskiego 2, 30-048 Kraków,
Lesser Poland
+48 12 631 11 33
In the offer of CAMSAT company you can find all the equipment needed to create durable, reliable wireless CCTV systems. Depending on your needs and expectations, you will find devices prepared to work on shorter and longer distances (even 5 km). The firm's website includes all the necessary technical details.

ul. Ogrodowa 2a, 86-050 Solec Kujawski,
woj. Kujawsko-Pomorskie
+48 52 387 10 97
Cable ladders system
On the basis of its experience, as well as introduction of innovative production process, BAKS is now able to offer over 20 thousand, high quality products. On the website you will find for instance cable ladders system, mounting profiles, subfloor channels, lighting or decorative elements and numerous others.

ul. Jagodne 5, 05-480 Karczew,
woj. Mazowieckie
+48 22 710 81 00
Gastric band abroad
Gastric band is a solution prepared for all those people who might have problems with loosing weight. It's a ring made out of silicone which is placed around a stomach and dividing it into two parts. As a result the patients eat less, don't feel hungry and at the same time loose weight. Get a gastric band abroad in Poland in Top-Medics. The best professionals will take care of every aspect of the procedure to make you feel comfortable. Visit top-medics web page to find out more.
Top-Medics Poland

Płocka 4/112, 02-231 Warszawa,
+48 53 091 38 13
Beautiful memories of special, unique moments of our lives is what we all look for. Alexandra Jakubowska Wedding Photography creates amazing, beautiful pictures of you and your happiness. The characteristic feature of provided services is unique approach and ability to highlight the very best moments during your big day!
Aleksandra J Wedding Photography

ul. 2300 Saddlecreek Crescent, L6M 5J6 Oakville,
woj. Ontario
+48 47 639 15 68
Law firm Denmark - Magnusson
If you are looking for reliable, top quality law firm in Denmark, visit Magnusson website. Their experience, commitment to excellence and numerous satisfied Clients is a guarantee, that your expectations and needs will be met to the fullest extent. Find out more and get in touch with their qualified experts!

Bredgade 30, DK - 1260 Copenhagen,
+48 45 825 15 100
Jordan shoes
Every basketball player knows how important appropriate footwear is. It ensures the comfort during a long practice or the game which is of extreme importance for every professional (or even amateur). Visit Basketmania online store to buy Adidas, Nike or Jordan shoes, representing the highest quality.

ul. ul. Hallera 15, 83-200 Starogard Gdański,
woj. Pomorskie
+48 50 194 41 43,slotted_wedge_wire_screens/ - Wedge wire
Modern technological solutions applied during the production process, make slotted wedge wire screens, created by Progress Eco S.A. company, one of the best, the most durable solutions available on the market. Their quality is confirmed by a large number of satisfied customers. Become one of them now!
Progress Eco

ul. Dobrów 7, 28-142 Tuczępy,
woj. Świętochrzyskie
+48 15 864 62 70
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